Road Less Travelled : Chapter 15 NEW

Chapter 15

Arnav looked at her in disbelief, he knew something had happened to Khushi, but….. rape? He loathed the man who did that to his Khushi. To make his chirpy Khushi hate her own self, to live in recluse. Yes, his.

Though he knew who could have done that to her, the name escaped his lips before he could give it more thought, he said more than ask, “Shyam..”

Khushi began weeping more profusely and he engulfed her face in his hands and pulled her close and hugged her tight.  He muttered to himself, “I’m going to murder that bastard.”

She was looking up to him and it wasn’t him who was wiping tears of her face, but the other way round. It was Khushi who with her Dupatta, was wiping off the tears that had formed at the corners of Arnav’s eyes.

Tears came before he could stop them, boiling hot then instantly freezing on his face, and what was the point in wiping them off? Or pretending? He let them fall.

“Arnav, no, I have risen up from that incident. I don’t want us to do anything with that man, ever. He wil serve his penance in jail.”

“But Khushi, how can I live with that? First with you, then Di? It isn’t fair.”

“I know, life isn’t fair. I want to put it in the past now. I want to help Di.”

“Khushi, how can you be so…. How can you not want him killed for all that he put you through?”

“ Arnav….Let it go.”She was on her toes now, and she kissed Arnav on his forehead.

Still in an embrace, of lovers, of friends, of two people in pain, they sunk to the floor. Khushi on Arnav’s lap, in a tight grip, a shield of his arms – protecting her from the world.

“Khushi, is this why you thought you can’t meet your family in Lucknow? Khushi you aren’t the one who’s impure..”

She looked up at him, and he looked at her, their eyes met, their noses touched, they felt the moistness on each other’s faces, their cheeks rubbed.

It was Khushi who broke down now,”How can I face them Arnav? I…feel so disgusted… images from that night come flashing back to me every time I’m alone in the dark…his hands over me…” The sobs grew louder and more uncontrolled and incessant.

Arnav brought his fingers to her mouht to shush her. There was no way he could see Khushi go through that pain, ever again. To think of it, she had beed living with it for over five years.

“Khushi, I don’t want you to think about it ever. I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise to protect you.”, he said while rubbing a fand along her back to comfort her.

She didn’t look up to him, she just lay there, in the corner of her hotel room is the safe haven of Arnav’s arms, sitting in his lap, with her head resting on his chest. They lay like that a long time. She was toying with a button on his shirt when she said, “You know, I haven’t slept with the lights off since that day?”

Arnav had no response to give. He blamed himself for a lot that happened to his Sister and Khushi.

He enveloped her other hand in his and rubbed his thumb along her palm. His eyes bore into her’s and he said, “I’m sorry Khushi, I didn’t look out for you when I should have. I’ve lost so many years already when I could have cared for you, loved you. I haven’t met another person like you. You came up to help Di even though we are to blame for what you went through. I love you Khushi, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Khushi, will you marry me?”. He finally said all he had to say to Khushi that night, when everything went wrong.

He brought his lips to her, she opened her’s for him. She had not let herself free for one moment, to think of the possibility of actually having what she wantd in life, not since that day. She knew in her heart she had wantd this, a life with Arnav. They kissed a long due kiss.

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Meredith/Derek/Addison (Grey’s Anatomy) :: Edge of the Ocean (Ivy)

Yun Hi Re – David

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Stealing every glance of hers from the corner of his eye, every few minutes and he just couldn’t get enough of her. She walked like Aphrodite had descended down the stairs of heaven. Everyone had stopped to stare and watch her ascent down that flight of stairs in that striking red and black sari that he had picked for her no other woman could have done it enough justice.  But the moment that her heel had touched the ground there was a swarm of women surrounding his prized possession. All rituals done with – yes, she was finally his.


The wait had been long, but in the end, worth it. His Khushi was worth everything he had to go through to get her. How easily does one find true love in a lifetime, anyway?


Wedding Revelries

Wedding Revelries



The setting is Payal and Akash’s wedding, in Goa.

The wedding was going to take place tomorrow, today was the Sangeet. Khushi was performing in majority of the dances tonight. The entire family had tried to convince Arnav to dance too, but all they got out of him was a long stare. Even Khushi had tried to convince him, but she got a muttered ‘Unbelievable.’, and Arnav had walked off.


But as Khushi took to the stage, and he saw her in the shimmering red lehenga which highlighted her slender and delicate body, he immediately regretted his decision. Bu he had seen nothing yet. He was completely mesmerized when she began dancing, Khushi, exactly in tune with the rhythm, so graceful, so unlike her. He didn’t notice Anjali standing next to him, until she poked him to get his attention.


‘Ahem’ she said, doing the fake cough.


Arnav was a little embarrassed to be caught by Anjali staring at Khushi dance.


Arnav immediately tried to cover, ‘Oh, di, I didn’t notice you.’


Anjali smirked, ‘ Yeah I noticed, so, impressed by Khushiji’s dancing? Isn’t it wonderful? She’s so good at everything.’


Arnav, ‘ Oh, her, she’s fine. I was actually thinking about something else.’


Anjali, ‘ Acha chote, at the end, all the cousins and everyone is going to go o the stage. It’s a little spontaneous thing, and we’ll call Akash and Payal on the stage.’


‘But Di..’, Arnav’s voice trailed off as Anjali walked away. There was no way he was going to go on the stage. No, that was impossible.


Just as the last dance was over, Khushi signalled to him to come on stage, but he just blankly kept staring at her. Khushi walked up to him, pulled him by the hand, and took him to where Payal and Akash were sitting and with Anjali’s help, took everyone to the stage.


Payal and Akash looked extremely comfortable dancing, but Arnav turned out to have two left feet. Khushi couldn’t control a huge grin on her face watching him attempt to dance. It was a sight she would remember. Arnav noticed it and gave her that signature Arnav look which said it all, and muttered, so that only Khushi could hear ‘ You know I didn’t want to come here. Why did you have to drag me up here?’


He was just about to walk off when Khushi held him by his hand, and gave him the most comforting look ever. She asked him to just stand and she danced around him to cover him up, so that it wouldn’t be awkward for him.




Arnav wanted to thank Khushi, but he didn’t want to do it in front of everybody. But she was constantly surrounded by people, and she had to talk to each and every person for so long! Finally he saw her sipping some water in a corner. He rushed up to her and said an extremely soft, ‘Thank you.’ It was hardly audible with all the noise. Khushi gulped the water down her throat and asked him, ‘What?’. Oh god, this girl was going to make him repeat a thank you!


He leaned in a little closer, and said it a little more loudly, ‘ I said thanks Khushi!’.


Just then Anjali walked over.


‘Oh Khushiji, you saved chote’s reputation today, or the world would know, the great Arnav Singh Raizada can’t dance.’ And Anjali and Khushi both burst out laughing.


Looking at Arnav and how uncomfortable this conversation was making him, Khushi said, ‘Arre, but it’s okay. Only practice makes a man better.’, and winked at him.


This just made Arnav more uncomfortable and he walked off. Both the ladies laughed some more looking at him walk away.




There was to be a bachelor party by the beach later that night. Akash’s friends had organised it despite his reluctance, and Arnav was forced to attend it.


Payal had full faith in Akash, but she didn’t trust his friends that much. Being the bride herself, she could not sneak out to see what was happening, so she asked Khushi to go and check it out. Khushi didn’t show much eagerness to there, but in her heart, she wanted to go and see what Arnav be up to in such a party pretty badly.


Khushi didn’t have trouble finding the place, because the music was so loud. Just as she found a good spot to stand and peak, she saw Akash soberly chatting with some friends. But her eyes were looking for Arnav. She saw some bikini clad woman dancing seductively around him. She was almost furious, how dare she? She stared at him for a good five ten minutes until he noticed her eyes. Wide eyed and full of anger.


Oooh, this was a good chance for him to take revenge for the way she had teamed with hi sister and mocked his dancing. He pulled the dancer a little close, and let her carry on with her dancing. All the while, his eyes were on Khushi, watching her facial expressions, he could almost see smoke coming out of her ears. Khushi put her hands on her waist, shook her head at him and walked off. Arnav broke away from the dancer, leaving her confused, to follow Khushi.


He shouted out to her, ‘KHUSHI.’


Khushi stopped and turned around to face him.


Arnav asked her, ‘What are you doing here It’s a bachelors party!’


Khushi looked at him with dagger eyes. How dare he ask her what she was doing? And what was he doing with that woman?


Khushi, ‘How come you couldn’t dance this evening?’


Arnav, ‘What?’


Khushi, ‘Haye, this Laad Governor’ she muttered.


Arnav, ‘Khushi, what did you just say?’


Khushi, ‘Don’t pretend to be so innocent now. I saw you dancing with that woman. Chee chee.’


He suppressed a little smirk and said, ‘But why does it matter Khushi?’


Khushi didn’t have an answer to that, not one she could tell him at least. To avoid his question, she just said, ‘Jiji must be waiting for me. I have to go. Bye. I hope you enjoy your party. And she stomped off.


After standing and staring at her walk away for a few minutes, he made his way back to his room, he wanted to get out of that party anyway.


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OS :: Breaking a Heart

I couldn’t believe the words that hit my ears. Buaji had walked in and said, “He’s gone.”

It was my wedding day, our wedding. I couldn’t believe her. Where would Arnav ji go? I didn’t believe. Only if I had…
I had jumped at her, accusing her of not knowing anything. My Arnav ji couldn’t leave me. He loved me. And last night, last night, we had become man and wife in full, tonight was almost just a formality. I pushed the door open and ran out, I was going to find my Arnavji. I muted out Buaji’s urgent cries behind me, urging me to calm down, to stop. How could I?
I called his phone, ring ring ring, no answer. I ran to Arnav ji’s room. No one. I saw his phone lying on his bed, flashing 15 missed calls from me.
Shyam Jha had caught my hand at the staircase, and with that evil smile he had said, “Khushiji, tch tch tch, Arnavji’s left you and gone..”. Was I going to believe him? No!
I ran down, to the Mandap. I could hear the murmurs and gasps at seeing the bride in such a frenzy, but I didn’t care. I was on the look out for my groom. I couldn’t see any of the family. I ran to Nani ji’s room, she would surely know where everyone was. The door was shut, but I could see the silhouettes through the misty glass. There was no time for courtesies, I pushed the doors open. My eyes searched for the man I was to wed, but, he wasn’t there.
“Where’s Arnavji?” I remember the trembling sound of my voice so well, even now.
I tried to meet the eyes of the family members when no one answered, but everybody cautiously looked away. Jiji’s sobs grew louder at the corner of the room, I asked her, “Has Arnav ji really gone?”. With a slight nod she engulfed me in a hug.
Tears brimmed my eyes, and I hadn’t realised I had been crying for a long time. And, the night before he had made claims of how he couldn’t see a single tear trickle down my face. 
I turned to look out for support in the family I had called my own for six months, but they didn’t even meet my eye. Maybe, they were too ashamed. I went to Nani ji, demanding to know how could they let him go, but of course she had no answers. Arnav’s Dadi walked to me then, I never liked that woman. She pulled me up by my shoulders and I saw only contempt in her eyes. Her voice still rings in my ears, “First your mother took my son from me and now you’ve taken my Grandson.”
Me? My mother? Taken Arnav? Was he..?
“Kya hua Arnav ji ko??”
I ran to Akash, to Di. Fear running through my veins.

I shook Di, demanding an answer but words never came till her throat. Dadi yanked me with her arm so that I was facing her. I don’t think I was even processing everything, it was a little bit of a blur. The only thing on my mind was – Where’s Arnav ji? Is he safe? I hope he’s safe. Devvi Maiyya, please protect him. How could I un-love him so easily? But, it probably wasn’t as hard for him.

“What are you asking Anjali? He has left because of you! I have lost a grandson because of you.”

“But but…” I tried to plead, what had I done? I couldn’t even fathom my fault because of which Arnav had to leave!

Amma came and held me by my shoulders, and I noticed her cheeks were swollen and her eyes puffy and red. She had been crying longer than me. She escorted me out of the room, holding my hand, resisting my attempts to break free from her and run back into the room and demand answers.

She sat me on the bed and I cradled and placed my head in her lap, in dire need for some comfort. Then she began telling me her story, why my Arnav ji left. I shot up right from her first sentence, “Arnavji left because of me..”

I was beyond angry that Amma had hidden the truth for me, of course I understood Arnavji’s emotions. He blamed Amma for his parent’s death. I thought, I would go and tell him, I would explain. And he probably hadn’t left for good, he would be back. He loved me, didn’t he? I was certain I had seen it in his eyes, in his ways. I was sure. I went to go and sit in his room and wait. I was confident. But, it was momentary.


I entered and shut the door behind me. The room was impeccably clean, the covers drawn. Typical of Arnav Singh Raizada. I didn’t any longer care about the wedding happening, I just wanted to tell him the truth. I knew it was hurting him, wherever he was. I wiped the tears off my hace hurriedly. Still in my wedding trousseau, I was rummaging the room of my husband-to-be, looking for some clues to his whereabouts. I lifted the covers, the pillows, hoping to find something, anything. A scrap of paper flew across. I immediately caught hold of it, there was nothing on it but an untidily scribbled – I am sorry, I can’t marry you. 


I crushed the paper into a ball in my fist and didn’t even realize when I drew it into shreds. I couldn’t believe it. Streams of tears that I corked a few minutes back came seeping back. There was no stopping them now. How could he? Was it so easy for him to just walk away from me like that?  

I saw myself in the mirror, I felt aged by the days events. A weariness creeped up to me, draining me of all energy, the desire to fight. The man who I had lived with as wife till about a week back and was supposed to marry in a few hours had so easily walked away from me? My appearance disgusted me. 

I rid myself of the bangles and all the jewelry that I started abhorring and threw it on Arnav’s bed. What use was it now? Memories of him showering sweet kisses on my same arms less than 24 hours ago came flooding back to me. I took off the maang-tika where he would have put the vermillion powder.

I grabbed my small box of the same powder from the dresser, that had been lying from my days in that room. With that I lifted my ghagra and dashed out of the room.

Today would not be my wedding. Who was I kidding? I was already married. Married to a man who no longer wanted me be his wife.

You would think I feel the worst for myself, hating that man who made my life so miserable with me, because that’s what women do. But though he broke my heart, I still love him. And, I hate myself for still loving him.


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