Woof Woof 1

Arnav was busy, his head dug into his files. He was trying hard to concentrate and get some work done, but his mind kept wandering to a certain Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. He was deep into his reverie, staring blankly into a file that was loosely held in his otherwise very firm hand, when suddenly an exuberant Khushi walked into his room. He smiled to himself until he noticed her arms wrapped around something tiny.


‘Arnavji! Arnavji!’, she squealed with pure joy.


‘What th… -is-that?’ he looked up at her, puzzled, pointing at that little thing nestled in her arms.


‘Arnavji’, she said, bringing that little thing wrapped in her arms like a baby a little closer to him, slowly lifting the piece of cloth off it, ‘Look, what Nanheji got me!’, she exclaimed with joy.


Arnav was utterly shocked to see the cutest puppy in Khushi’s arms.




‘Look look, isn’t he adorable!’ she said, without lifting her eyes from the puppy cradled in her hands. He was really tiny, something like a 3-week pup!


Before Arnav knew it Khushi had brought the puppy to him, for him to hold it in his hands. He immediately stood up and stepped back. No way! Absolutely. No. Way.


“Nanav, Khushi ji was looking so sad. And then, I saw this puppy in a pet shop at Khan Market, and he just reminded me of Khushiji. I just had to get him.” came in NK’s voice as he walked up to them.


“W-H-A-T? A puppy reminded you of Khushi?”


Khushi jumped to NK’s rescue, sensing the heat in Arnav’s voice. He was like a lion, ready to pounce on anyone. Why was he like that?


“Oho Arnavji! Look at how cute he is!”


She tried to shove the puppy into his face once again.


Arnav, absolutely bemused, looked from Khushi to NK to Khushi, who couldn’t stop mollycoddling the little ball of fur. They were the two people who’se actions always confused him.


Khushi was still cute, but NK, he was irritating.


NK was petting the puppy who lay snuggled cozy in Khushi’s arms.


Darn, he was cute.


Arnav shook his head and went back to his files. He had work.




He heard Khushi’s voice blare through his ears. She was definitely saying it loudly to catch his attention.


“Ahem. Ahem.” she cleared her throat loudly to get the attention of those she wanted, before making her announcement.


She turned to NK as soon as she met Arnav’s glance.


“Nanhe ji, I’ve decided on a name.” she stated, matter-of-factly. Pretending to be only talking to him, unaware of Arnav being all ears.


“What? What Khushi ji?”


“Laad Governor”


The puppy sheepishly licked Khushi’s hand around her, in his sleep, at the sound of his new name.


Khushi lowered her head to give him a little peck on his head.


The Laad Governor, sitting across, in front of his laptop, was, might I say, a little jealous of this new Laad Governor.



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