Woof Woof 2

He had already climbed a few steps up to his room when he heard her yell.


“Laad Governor! Laaayd Governor, you come back right here”


Arnav muttered to himself, “What the f.. ”


He marched in the direction of the voice.




Arnav caught her by her shoulders as Khushi bumped her head into his chest. She had bowed down and was chasing her little laad governor around the hall, and not really watching where she was walking.


“Can’t you watch where you’re going?” she hollered at him. She wasn’t looking, but at least he could look where he was going!


Khushi jerked herself away from him.


“Errr.. Excuse me?” he asked her, astounded at her nerves.


“What? Can’t you see? I’m so worked up?”


She ignored him and began shouting again. She turned around and bent down to peek under the sofa.


“Laaad Governor, come here. Come to mamma?”


Arnav went and stood besides her. He shook his head as he gawked a little longer than he would have thought possible on his wife’s perfect buttocks.




“WHAT?” came her voice from under the couch.


He couldn’t take it anymore. He turned around to walk right in front of her.


Khushi cried, “Laad governor. Where are you?”, as she crawled out of under the couch.


He turned once again to face her. She was all over the place!


He was so perplexed. Why was she shouting out his pet name? He was standing right in front of her, for Christ’s sake!


“KHUSHI! Can’t you see? I am right here.” He said, shaking her by her shoulders to catch her attention.



Khushi burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter as her mind registered what Arnav Singh Raizada was trying to state.




She again got the uncontrollable bout of laughter, as she held on to one of his shoulders lightly to prevent her from falling.


“Can you stop laughing? What is so funny anyway?”


“You.. You..” she burst out laughing again.


She saw his absolutely confused expression and finally decided to spare her husband the torture.


“You.. You thought I was cal…”


She spun around on her heels as she heard the familiar whimpering.


“Khushi ji! Khushi ji! Have no fear, I am here!” NK entered with Khuhsi’s Laad Governor in his hands.


“Ohh Nanhe ji.”


She rushed up to him and took her Laad Governor from him.


“Thank you so much Nanhe ji. I’ve been looking for this baby all over the house.”


With that she scurried off to her room.


Arnav hastily followed her, her unexplainable actions leaving him thoroughly confused. He sensed NK’s footsteps behind him, so he instantly moved ahead, into his room and bolted it from inside, shutting the door almost right at NK’s face.





“Olle Olle my baby.” She had laid her Laad Governor in the middle of their bed and he was lazily lying on his back and getting a tummy rub.


Arnav demanded out of her, “What the hell is going on?”


“What?” She asked, feeling almost a motherly sense of protection as she felt as though her baby had been attacked.


“What is that, doing on my bed?”


“Excuse me, but I think you are forgetting.”


She turned to look at her little bundle of joy, before continuing. He was unabashedly, actually, more like, at the wrong moment, gnawing at her husband’s pillow. She picked him up guiltily, hoping Arnav hadn’t noticed and put him on the side she was sitting. She turned to look at Arnav, whose dagger eyes were boring holes into her.


“I’m forgetting what again?”


She cast him an impassive glance and dug her finger into the crease in the bed sheet, running it along its length, through exactly the middle of the bed.


“That, this half of the bed is mine. I’m Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!” She bellowed, showing him the string of gold and black beads that adorned her neck.


She ran a hand through her Laad Governor’s back, and added, even more indignantly.


“And, that, is, Laad Governor Singh Raizada.”


“W-H-A-T? So. He. Is. Laad. Governor?”


Khushi had proceeded to the door to let NK in as his knocks had grown more incessant, at the desperation to get in.


“Nanhe ji.. Come on in!”


Arnav miffed by his wife, chose not to acknowledge NK all together.


“Look, Nanhe ji, he’s looking so cute.” She cooed her puppy as licked himself in his sleep.


“Aww, yes Khushi ji. The poor thing was the last one left at the pet shop. He’s truly lucky to have found a mother in you.


“Yes, definitely. I already love him more than anything else in the world. My baby.” She said as she blew kisses to the little blob nestled in her bed.


Arnav went all “What the hell is wrong with these people? Mother. To, a dog. This girl is definitely psychopathic. And NK? Well, he’s a goner!” in his head.

“And, a papa in Nanav?” NK reveled in, only to spike Arnav.


Both of them burst into fits of giggles as they looked at Arnav facial expressions change.


“Yes of course. They even look similar. Look Nanhe ji.”


NK walked up to the little dog and looked from him to Arnav, back to him.


“I can’t see Khushi ji!”


Arnav didn’t even know why he was standing there still. He was just too amused with the conversation.


“Look closely Nanhe ji. See, that expression Laad Governor has on his face, that little grumpy one. Then see your brother. See see, right now. His face has the exact same expression.”


He looked from his brother to his namesake turned nemesis in the bed.


Realization dawned upon NK. “The resemblance is uncanny!”


“SHUT UP!” he shouted on top of his lungs. He looked at the two people in the room, and then his nemesis comfortably lying in his bed.


“Unbelievable.” He muttered under his breath and stormed out of the room.


Roars of laughter erupted from the room as his footsteps became more distant.






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