Woof Woof 3


Khushi gulped as Laad Governor leapt off her arms, onto the floor, to climb up the stairs to……  ‘ I hope he doesn’t enter there.. Oh no! Oh no! Khushi squealed in her mind.

She squeezed her eyes tight shut and prayed about a million times to her Devi Maiyya. Help was needed!

“Devvi Maaiya, you have to save me today.”

She peeked through the corner of her eyes, too scared to open them and face what was awaiting her.

She climbed up the steps, looked around, hoping she’d find him in a corner somewhere outside Arnav’s cabin.

She was going to sweep past the glass quickly, so that he wouldn’t notice her, when she noticed him. The little monster had crawled to under the table and was peeping outside, looking at her impishly.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! What has he got me into now?”

And, to top it all, there was someone Arnav was meeting with.

One thing was for sure. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada was dead meat today, and Arnav Singh Raizada was going to be the one feasting. And, the reason – Laad Governor Singh Raizada.

If she was going down, she was going to do it gracefully. Or at least, attempting it.

She had a plan, yes. That was a good thing.

She was going to play nonchalant, and walk into his office. It wasn’t a big deal. It was her husband’s office. Heck, she had worked there too. This was her office too. This is the way to go Khushi, she told herself as she revved herself to charge in to the cubicle. Confidence is the key she told herself.

She slid the door open. Execution time.

Arnav and the other man zapped their heads in her direction on the sudden intrusion on their very serious discussion. Khushi’s bit her lower lip nervously, trying to take in that expression on Arnav’s face, which quite literally meant, “What, the hell are you doing here?”

And then her gaze fell upon the man sitting across him’. Wait.. Was it? Was it’. Virat Kohli sitting next to her husband?

Butterflies erupted in her stomach and her knees went wobbly as she felt like a school girl come to face with her surreal fantasy of meeting a knight in shining amour.

Arnav gaped at her as Khushi’s mouth fell open. She was so embarrassing!

“What do you want?” Arnav asked, trying to feign as much politeness as possible.

Khushi was immediately pulled out of her reverie as Arnav’s voice hit her ears, stopping the violins that had started playing in her head.

“Woh..” she tried to hint to Arnav that her little Laad Governor was hiding under his desk. And now, gnawing at Virat Kholi’s very expensive shoes.

Obviously, her plan had failed. She hadn’t expected Virat Kohli to be sitting here! She tried to control her evident gushing, as she could feel her cheeks go hot, but Virat smiling at her wasn’t helping much. Awe, he was looking so cute!

And Arnav was not getting her hint, she had been trying to point at LG for sometime now, and something had to be done, otherwise Virat would have to return with only one shoe. The sight of Arnav’s black show came back to her. That was horrendous, the entire sole had been chewed on. She had smartly thrown away that pair, and Arnav hadn’t even noticed. All his shoes were practically the same — black!

Khushi shook her head slightly. Focus, Khushi, FOCUS!

“Khushi, what is it?” Arnav asked through gritted teeth, clearly not being able to keep up with his patient demeanor. Her face was practically red!

Khushi’s eyes widened, as before she could have said anything, Virat had stooped low, to under the table and picked up Laad Governor, and was now walking towards Khushi.

“You lost something, miss.. Khushi?” he asked politely, as charmingly as ever.

“Yes.” Whispered a visibly flustered Khushi.

“You have a beautiful name, Khushi.” Said Virat,

Until now, she had just screamed at the top of her lungs and cheered for him whenever he walked onto the pitch on her TV, to play for India. And now he was standing right across her, and maybe, even flirting with her?

She took Laad Governor from him and scowled at him, “You naughty boy! You got Mamma so scared!”

Virat smiled at her, “He’s a cute dog!”

“Thank you.” She replied weakly. She stole a glance at Arnav, who looked positively baffled.

She bent low to tie Laad Governor’s leash around him. He was going to get it at home today.

“What’s his name?” he asked her, as he bent down to pet the pug.

“Laad Governor.” Replied Khushi with a proud smile. She really loved the name.

“Laaad what?” Virat asked, rolling his eyes.

“Laad Governor. You see, he gets angry easily, and that’s why the name.” she added. She stole a quick glance at Arnav who quickly looked away, but his tense arms gave it away, as he crushed the sheet of paper in his hand into a ball.

“So, are you a model here too?” asked Virat, flirtatiously, as he held out a hand to help Khushi up. It was noting new, Indian models too had been trying to ape the trend setter, Paris Hilton, and now maybe carrying your pug was the trend!

“Me? No No..”

“No, she’s my wife.” Came in Arnav’s stern voice before she could say anything, from right next to her. When did he come here? She thought, befuddled.

“But I did model for them once.” Chipped in Khushi. She was enjoying this. And she technically had modeled for them, hadn’t she?

“Really? I wish I had met you before!” said Virat, almost remorsefully, at having missed a brilliant opportunity.

This invited the kind of contemptuous look from Arnav that she was hoping for. Ha! She knew him so well!

“Virat, meet my wife, Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada.” It was better to do the formal introductions. There should be no misunderstandings about this Arnav thought.

“And Khushi, this is Virat Kohli, he’s going to be modeling for AR Fashion next season.”

Khushi looked at him amazed, firstly, she didn’t need to be told who Virat Kolhi was! And, he was modeling for AR Fashion!? Woah!

“You’ve got a gorgeous wife here.”

Virat took Khushi’s hand in his and kissed it, while Khushi suppressed the fit of laughter, waiting to burst out on her face, and pursed her lips into a formal, polite smile.


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