Woof Woof 4

“Khushi. Khushi. KHUSHI!”


His voice went up by a hundred decibels each time he called out to his wife.


Khushi tread to him with OP in toe, as well as the smallest steps possible, with the sole intention of annoying him.


“OP ji, you must cut the okra, onion, potatoes for dinner tonight. And.. I think I’m forgetting something…” Khushi scratched her head, thinking hard, as she looked at a very visibly irritated Arnav.


“KHUSHI! Are you deaf? I’ve been calling you for an hour!”


Khushi ignored him once again and turned to OP.


“Yes, of course. Karela! That’s what I was forgetting. Op ji, make preparations for Karela.” she ordered a nervous OP, scared for Khushiji, who would have to face the wrath of Arnav Singh Raizada.


Khushi went and sat besides him at the dinner table while muttering to herself, while secretly scowling at her devil of a husband.


“I don’t know how anyone can like Karela… It’s so bitter. Just like this Laad Governor.”

“Khushi. First of all, unlike you, I can hear you, I’m sitting right here. And secondly, I’ve been calling out to you for a really long time.”


Khushi tried to give him his contemptuous look, which meant — Whatever. And she said, as nonchalantly as she could, “So?”


“What do you mean ‘So’? I was calling out you that means I need you here.”


Khushi, miffed by his words, sprang up from her chair, rammed it into the table and said poignantly, “If you need me, you don’t need to keep shouting out to me. And if you’re so desperate, you should come up to me yourself. I’m no servant of yours Mr.Raizada.”


Arnav looked at her, confused, what exactly happened?


“Err, Khushi? I would have…”


“Then, you should have….”


“But, I couldn’t have…”


“Well then, I guess we have a problem here..”


“KHUSHI!” He cut her short, as he placed the fork in his hand against his plate hard, with a noise.


“I couldn’t have because..”


“Because.. what? Have you henna on your feet Mr.Raizada?”




Khushi’s jaw dropped as she heard those words and she fell on her knees, lifted the table cloth with one hand as she crawled besides the chair, to peep under the table.


There he was! She scrutinized his appearance, nestled comfortably between Arnav’s feet, snoring slightly. He had curled up around his feet, so that, Arnav’s feet couldn’t even be seen. She couldn’t help gushing over him, her Laad Governor, however ironical the situation was.


Laad Governor, sleeping on the original Laad Governor’s feet.


She crawled back outside and stood up straight to face Arnav, who was looking at her expectantly.


“You let him sleep here. Aww.” She would have gone and kissed him if she hadn’t been reminded of the fact that he was in fact the original khadoos laad governor.


“Khushi, I need to go to office. Can you move him?” Arnav requested irritably.


Khushi bent down to look at her Laad Governor once again. She murmured to herself as she stood up, “It’s weird he does this only with people I like.” Confusion, dripping from her body language.


“Did you say something?” Arnav asked.


“Hmm? Yeah.” Khushi mumbled absentmindedly.


Arnav raised his eyebrows at her questioningly. What was with this girl?


“Oh. It’s weird that Laad Governor’s sleeping on your feet, he only does that with people I like.” Khushi said that before realizing the connotations of what she was saying.


Arnav looked at her with a straight face, uncertain how he should respond to that.


Khushi quickly stooped to under the table once again, took her Laad Governor in her arms and moved away from the dining area. Arnav looked at their silhouettes disappear, liking Khushi’s shadow cradling a tiny living being in her arms. He shook his head lightly, smiled to himself, pulled his briefcase from where it sat on the table and left for work.





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