Woof Woof 5

“Muah” “Muah” “Muah” “Muah” “Muah.”


That’s all the sound that was reaching Arnav Singh Raizada’s ears, and not being the recipient, was it bothering him? Yes.


“Khushi!” He shouted.


Khushi immediately turned to face him.  “What’s your problem?”


“Khushi! You, have gone insane. Stop smothering the little thing. Give the thing some space to breathe at least.”


Khushi eased her grip on the pup, and brought her face up to face him. “He’s comfortable.” But, before she knew it, Laad Governor Singh Raizada took this opportunity to wriggle out of the rather claustrophobic grasp his mistress had of him, and relieved, he was!


Khushi eyes moved from the little pup to that man shouting at her, to the pup, to the man, to the pup, to the man. Something, like a tennis match.


She leaped in front to catch hold of him again, crawling on all fours behind him. “Come back, you!”


But, Laad Governor, was kind of a rebel. He did have some qualities of his namesake, his father figure after all.


Crawling behind him, she didn’t even realize where he had gone and found his sanctuary. Right behind Mr.Raizada!


Her eyes trailed up from his shoes, to his legs, to his torso, and she gulped, as she came to face him. She immediately stood up with a resolve.


“Ermm. Errr.” Words were failing her at the wrong moment.


“Yes Khushi, you want to say anything?” Arnav asked, with a smile, the twinkle of which was more in his eyes, than on his lips.


“He’s a baby, he doesn’t know anything. Hiding behind the Rakshas himself.” She muttered to herself, more like, to comfort her own self.


“What did you say?” asked Arnav as he inched closer towards her.


“Errmm. Nothing.” She replied stoically.


He bent down and picked up Laad Governor, who gave him a few licks on the cheek. This made Khushi’s mouth fall open in a big ‘O’.


Arnav leant in closer, with LG still in his arm, but the other free one, he placed on her chin, and nudged it up. “Don’t be so shocked. He just likes me better.”





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One thought on “Woof Woof 5

  1. alex November 14, 2012 at 12:31 AM Reply

    I love your series Woof Woof. I really like the way it’s light hearted and humerous. Please continue this series.

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