I’ll Stand By You

Khushi was couldn’t believe, she couldn’t believe her most bizarre suspicions were right.  She couldn’t believe that the meek Shyamji had cheated not only her, her family but also the Raizada’s. She had noticed something was strange abut the man, but she had no idea he was playing such a rotten game. She had to work out a plan to bring his truth out, and she knew, it was going to b difficult getting the Raizada’s to believe her.


Ever since the Puja , Arnav noticed, Khushi had been submissive, easily distracted and trying to avoid any conversation. Everytime he saw knew she was looking at him, she would immediately glance away when he looked back. Even when he was trying to tell her something about Akash and Payal’s engagement, her mind was somewhere else. She was the opposite of her chirpy self. She didn’t fight with him for anything, and it had been over a week. It didn’t feel right, something was definitely wrong. He had to find out.


As Khushi was leaving the Raizda mansion after the day’s work, Arnav decided to drop her off. That would give him a good chance to talk to her. He followed her out to the main gate, but Khushi walked without even noticing him.


Arnav called out to her just as she was opening the gate to leave, ‘Wait Lhushi, I’ll drop you.’


‘I can go on my own. You don’t need to drop me.’


‘Khushi, just get into the car, it’s dark.’


Khushi ignored him and walked off. She couldn’t risk going with him. She had been trying to avoid him.


But Arnav was adamant; he got into his car, drove up to her, and stopped with a jerk. He thrust the door open at her. Khushi knew she didn’t have much choice, nor the energy to argue with him. Just as she got into the car Arnav sped off. He didn’t go to her house directly. He stopped the car at some isolated place, so that he could talk to her. They hadn’ spoken a word since Khushi got into the car, Khushi didn’t say anything een when he stopped the car. She didn’t even realize it’s not her house, and began to get off. She uttered a thank you. Glad that they didn’t have to talk.


Arnav looked at Khushi, and said ‘Khushi, this is not you house.’ pointing out to the view outside the car.


‘Oh, then why did you get me here? Please, take me home. I told you I could go on my own.’


‘Khushi, I need to talk to you.’


‘What is it?’

Arnav cupped her face with his hands and asked,’ Khushi, is everything okay?’


Khushi looked away. She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret from him much longer, she had to get away from him and avoid this conversation.


‘Nothing is wrong. Can you please take me to my house, it’s getting late.’


‘Khushi, what’s wrong? Did mamiji say something?’




Khushi’s phone began ringing, it was Shyam, and how could he even call her. Khushi was just looking at the screen in disbelief when Arnav snatched her phone and saw who it was calling. He cut the phone; he couldn’t believe that it was about her fiancé.


‘Oh, so your fianc said something? Did you ask him for an expensive gift and he wasn’t able to afford it?’


Khushi was infuriated, ‘Arnavji, how dare you?’ With that she opened the door and got out, and started walking away from the car.


Arnav knew he had crossed the line, why did he always do that? Today, he had started off so well, then why did he? He hit his head hard against the steering wheel. As he looked up a few minutes later, he was shocked at the sight before his eyes, Khushi was lying on the footpath. All the anxiety, tension and more over Arnav’s behavior took the better of her and she collapsed. Arnav immediately got out of the car, rushed up to her and picked her up in his arms, as he took her hand in his, he saw she wasn’t wearing that engagement ring. Could it be possible that she had broken her engagement, or had she lost the ring again, no that couldn’t be, after the last time. He gently placed her on the passenger seat, he leaned over her to increase the incline and he took in her sweet fragrance. He immediately took some water on his hand and sprayed it on her face. She twitched her eyes, and she kept murmuring, ‘Anjali ji, Anjali Ji..’


Arnav was scared; he shook her by her shoulders to bring her back into her senses. But she went on mumbling, ‘Must tell Anjali ji” . Arnav sprayed some more water, shook her and shouted, ‘KHUSHI!’. She got back to her senses with a jolt. She seemed disturbed.


‘Please take me to Anjali ji.’ There was a lot of urgency involved with the way she said it.


Arnav didn’t waste a minute. He took to the wheel, perplexed by Khushi’s behavior.


‘Khushi, what’s wrong?’


Khushi didn’t seem to notice. She just kept talking to herself, ‘I must tell Anjali ji, I can’t waste more time.’


Arnav stopped the car with another jolt. He had to know what was going on.


‘Khushi, will you first tell me, what the f*** is going on?’


‘Arnavji, please don’t waste time, I must meet Anjali ji right away.’


‘Khushi don’t test my patience.’


Khushi couldn’t take more chances. She narrated each and every detail about Shyam to him. She felt lighter telling him. Arnav’s expressions changed from anger to absolute wrath. He took his her hand in his and pressed it lightly, and said ‘Dont worry. I’ll take care of it.’ And he sped off to the Raizada mansion.



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One thought on “I’ll Stand By You

  1. alex November 14, 2012 at 12:34 AM Reply

    I wish it had gone exactly like this so that Shyam would’ve been kicked out of their lives a long time ago and Arnav and Khushi could’ve had their happily ever after sooner.

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