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Arnav Singh Raizada/ Barun Sobti EDITS! :P

When one isn’t enough!

Dabang Arnav!


The Proposal

The Proposal



Khushi sat on the bonnet of his car, parked at the Children’s Park of India Gate, swinging her legs with glee, waiting for him to bring that hot plate of jalebis. Hot jalebis in this cold winter were Khushi’s absolute favourite treat.



As she saw Arnav coming towards her slower than she would have liked, her mouth was already watering. She shouted out to him, ‘ARNAV! Come fast!’


Arnav just looked up to her and raised his eyebrows, ‘Here! Your Jalebis!’, and he put the plate of jalebis in her hands which had reached out to grab them even before he had reached.


‘Thank You!’ she exclaimed; as she bent down to give him a soft peck on his cheeks.


Arnav watched her enjoy her jalebis, he was looking at her anxiously, as though waiting for something.


Khushi twitched her eyebrows to ask him what was he worrying about.


He just murmured a soft, ‘Nothing.’, and shook his head to convince her.


‘Yeah! I’m sorry you can’t have these jalebis! But don’t sulk!’ she teased him while biting out of a huge jalebi.


Suddenly, the was a ‘Clunk!’ and Khushi was utterly confused to find something hard in her jalebi, which had just been melting in her mouth a minute back.


‘ARNAV!’ she was just beginning to complain to him, as she dug her fingers into the jalebi to take that thing out, she saw him bend down, on his knee, reaching out to take her hand in his.


That had been his cue. He had given the jalebi wala the ring and asked him to put it in the batter that he was going to use to make Khushi’s plate of jalebis.


They had been in a relationship for a while now, and Arnav had never managed to pull off any successful surprises, but this had to be it, and Jalebis were the way to go.


Khushi was completely taken aback to see Arnav Singh Raizada before her on one knee, she didn’t know what to do, she just stared at him, with her fingers dug in the jalebi, holding on to the ring tightly.


‘Khushi, ever since you walked into my life, everything changed. I cannot live without your daily antics. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love with you, but I can’t go through a day without you. So, Khushi, will you marry me?’ he asked her, with all the love in the world in his eyes.


Khushi had tears in her eyes. She could hardly believe the sight before her, she took the ring out from the jalebi, and managed to say a broken ‘Yes! Yes, I will marry you!’ through her sobs.


Arnav stood up to wipe her tears, with a grin that stretched from one ear to another, Khushi jumped on him and hugged him tighter than ever before. Arnav didn’t hold back either, he hugged her back tighter than she did, not caring about the 1000 people who had formed a circle around them and were cheering and hooting for the the happy couple!


He slowly opened each each of her fingers one by one and when he finally had the ring in his hand, he dropped down on one knee again, and slipped the ring onto her finger.


The crowd joined in the revelry as Arnav got up, lifted Khushi up in his arms, and kissed her.


August 16 Written Update

Why am I doing this? I don’t know. Maybe be the one and only written update on my blog ever.

Part 1 : The episode begins with Arnav at the Gupta household contepmplating ringing the bell as it’s ‘too late to disturb Khushi’s family because he wants to meet Khushi.’ (How adorable) Then he dishes for his fancy phone in his pockets and dials her number, but we never hear the conversation. The scene shifts to Khushi standing by her window and (I think), thinking about and missing Arnav. Then she notice her phone ring and it’s none other than Arnavji!

A- Khushi, you look beautiful in white and open hair.

K- You’ve called me this late in the night to tell me this? (How unromantic K)

(Then K’s tubelight lights up)

K- Wait a minute, how do you??

A (not into the his phone but into Khushi ear directly, because he has entered her room from somewhere mysteriously)- I know everything about you.

Then K conveniently slips and falls into the arms of her gorgeous husband.

A- Khushi, I have something important to tell you.

He takes her hand in his and directs her to the bed. He seats her in front of him and recounts all the incidents right from the beginning.

1. When he locked her in a room in Sheesh Mahal and caused Payal’s marriage to break.

2. When he let her fall off the first floor in his office.

3. When he forced Khushi to marry her.

4. When he didn’t believe her the countless times she pled innocence and tried to tell him that there was nothing between her and Shyam.

K – Why are you telling me all this now? It’s ll in the past?

A- (he said something)

K- You don’t need to say anything, because I know you love me very much. (Aww moment followed by a hug)

Then Buaji teased Khushi about her nocturnal visitor.

Anjali and NK waited and didn’t sleep, against NK’s wishes to tease Arnav.


There was a Buaji-Garima scene where she was too tensed about meeting the grandmother and praying to her Devi Maiyya. Then, there was a Dadi-Nani scene where Dadi was a little too eager to meet Garima. (Obviously, something to do with the past)

Arnav overhears Dadi complaining about not having met Khushi’s mom yet, then how can they take shagun to their house tomorrow. Arnav walks in and says I’ll take you right away.

Khushi announces to Garima that Arnav and his Dadi are coming to meet her. She gets all jittery and nervous.


Dadi-Arnav scene:

D- You don’t know anything about the family. I don’t know Khushi at all.

A- I know Khushi and her family and that’s what’s important. (Read- It’s none of your business any way so butt out of it).

Anyway, she’s an orphan like me and Payal is aunty’s daughter with Shashi ji who she married long back. Khushi’s parents died in a car crash when she was small and her masa masi adopted her.

D- Are you sure that’s the whole story?

A- What story? That’s the truth!

Show ends on Dadi’s face, which is quite expressionless I tell you, but I think the emotion was — Hmmph!


Precap:: Arnav coming donw the stairs and the entire family planning to leave with the Shagun for Khushi’s house. Then somebody says, ‘Where are you going Arnav? The Dulha can’t go with the Shagun.’ (BTW, he’s looking gorgeous)

Scene shits to Garima and Buaji in the Gupta house and Garima looks constipated. But they’re preparing for the Raizada’s too. And Buaji says, something about Arnav’s Dadi being a tight ass and that they shouldn’t let anything go wrong.

EEks! I wonder till when Garima will stay in hiding. Till the pheras I think! 😛

I want to Kiss Arnav!

How utterly butterly adorable has he been? I want to jump into my TV screen and hug him right there. He’s ready to fight with the world to show his support to Khushi. He has come all out and declared his love for his wife. He has realized he hasn’t been at his best in the past and is going to apologize to Khushi!

Arnav Singh Raizada, you surprise me pleasantly this time!


Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav Khushi’s Suhaag Raat?

Will it happen, or it won’t? I think everyone is rife with excitement about it. There are spoilers floating in the air. And TeleBuzz just uploaded this video:

Road Less Travelled :: Chapter 8

Chapter 8


“Arnav, I want to meet Anjali.” She repeated, as she didn’t understand the inscrutable expression on Arnav’s face.



“You want to meet di?” Arnav asked, slightly dumbfounded, at what Khushi had asked of him.


She gave him a fleeting glance and replied with a stern, “Yes.”


“But I thought. I thought you…. That you…. Don’t you hate her Khushi?”


“Hate is a strong word Arnav. I don’t hate anyone.” She replied as coldly as she felt.


Her icy voice struck him. She didn’t have that chirpiness in her voice anymore, but he had figured that out before. But her voice reminded him of it all over again.


“Khushi, she hasn’t spoken to me in two years.” He began fiddling with the Lego once again, he remembered each time, every week he’d gone to meet her, but no, not once had she uttered a word to him. He missed her. He missed her voice. He missed the way she took care of him, and he missed doting on her. And, Khu’s face always reminded him of her, her smile. She hadn’t done anything to deserve this, had she?


And he hadn’t been a good brother. Even though she’d been the near perfect sister to him, almost a mother.



Khushi smiled at him, it was not an innocent smile, but a dispassionate, mocking one, and “She’ll talk to me.”. She replied innocuously.


Arnav turned to face her, “Khushi.. “



“Khushi, we can only go tomorrow. The visiting hours are only in the morning.” He said, his face with an inscrutable expression of blankness.


“Fine, pick me up from my hotel – Marriott, in the morning, and take me there.” She gave it another thought. “Actually, give me the details, I don’t need to bother you, I can go on my own.”


“Khushi, I will..”


Interruption came in the form of Khu bustling into the room, with someone in toe.




“Arre, Khushi bitiya, what do you want to show me?” Came in a tired voice of a nearly breathless old woman.


Khu looked at Khushi and gave her a big grin before turning and peeking out of the poolside into the room to look at her Badi Nani’s progress.


“Badi Nani, come fast. You walk so slowly, see I am already here.”



The woman staggered to the poolside and took a grip of the door’s frame as the walk tired her. Then her gaze fell upon what her great granddaughter was trying to show. It wasn’t a thing. It was a person.


“Badi nani, this is Khushi aunty”


Suddenly, the old woman’s throat went dry, the pallu that she had clutched onto, to wipe away the sweat from walking, dropped at once; memories from that ill-fated day came back to her in a rush.


“Khushi Bitiya..” She murmured.


Khushi sprang up from where she was seated, across Arnav and went to Nani to touch her feet.




Nani held her by her shoulders, and stopped her from bending. This girl’s place wasn’t in her feet but in her heart.


She didn’t realize that tears had begun to flow down her face until Khushi’s hand came up to her cheeks to wipe them.


“Khushi bitiya. ..” She took Khushi’s hands in her and put them together.

And then she was suddenly bending down on her knees, with her joined together over Khushi’s.


“Khushi bitiya, please forgive..”


Khushi immediately pulled Nani up.


“What are you doing? Why are you saying sorry?”


“Khushi beta, please don’t take this chance of redemption from me. Please, forgive me for that day, let me die a peaceful…”


“Nani!” shouted Arnav.


He then ordered Khu, “ Khu, take Badi Nani inside to her room.”


Khu didn’t understand all that was happening, but she knew that tone of her Dada’s voice, and there were no two ways about anything he asked her to do.




“Khushi, you can stay in the guest room, I’ll get all the arrangements done.”  Arnav said once Khu and Nani’s footsteps had become distant enough and he saw Khushi getting ready to leave too.


Khushi looked at him as if he had made the most incredulous suggestion in the world.


“I don’t need your charity Mr.Raizada. Just take me, tomorrow, that’s the only thing I ask of you.”


“Khushi, I didn’t mean it that way.” He said, miffed by her austere response. Why was she so cynical?


“I can’t stay here. I’m sorry. It’s just that… It’s just that.. That this place just brings back too many memories I don’t want to remember. Memories, I don’t have the courage to look back at anymore.” She said, quickly blinking away the tears, as she realized she had hurt him. She didn’t like hurting him, even now.



She rushed out of the room, before she said anything else that she would possibly regret later. She stepped out of Shantivan with a heart as heavy as the one she had entered with. She swiftly marched to the main gate to be arrested by Arnav Singh Raizada in her tracks.


“Khushi, I’ll drop you. Sit in the car.” He ordered as he walked to the drivers seat and flung the passenger’s seat door open at her.


Khushi reluctantly moved to the open door and sat herself in the seat next to the man who always gave rise to a volcano of emotions within her.


“Khushi, seatbelt.” Arnav muttered as he turned to lean over Khushi to do the job himself, it was somewhat of a reflex, whenever he sat with her, because she almost never remembered. Arnav was stunned to see the seatbelt securely fastened around her chest. He looked up to her, his hair brushing against her chin lightly, but she had turned her face the other way, keenly staring out the window, at nothing. His attention was drawn to her heaving chest, as her breaths were almost loud dripping with anxiety, from his close proximity. Arnav immediately pulled himself back, placed his hand on the steering wheel while pulling the gear in reverse and breathed a soft, “Sorry.”


It would have been inaudible to almost anyone else, if they were present in the car, but Khushi acknowledged it with a slight head nod, signifying, it was all right.


“So, Marriott? That’s where you are staying?”


“Yes. But you don’t need to drop me there, just drop me to an auto or a taxi, I’ll go by myself.” Khushi said as she recomposed herself. She had been managing on her own, and she very well could do that even now. She didn’t need no Arnav Singh Raizada to fend for her.


Arnav looked at her with eyes that said it all, it wasn’t that he needed to do it, he wanted to, it would make him feel nice. 


They didn’t speak anymore. Khushi kept gazing out of the windows. The Ashoka trees, the expansive roads, the rickshawala’s, she had missed Delhi. Arnav kept stealing glances of her at signals, or whenever the road ahead was clear, he noticed her innocent smile creep to her face as she looked out of the window at the birds, the sky.


The car came to a halt as Arnav drove into the hotel. Khushi quietly undid the seatbelt, and paused for a few seconds after that, waiting for him to say something, waiting for her own self to say something. She unfastened the door lock, and turned to step out of the car, but she held back as she heard Arnav’s voice.


“Khushi, I’ll pick you at 9 tomorrow morning.”


Road Less Travelled :: Chapter 7

Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance.



Richard V. W.


Chapter 7




She pushed open the gates as she walked towards Shantivan. She was greeted by his SUV, which had become a dirty shade of white now. She took slow steps, as each inch closer to the house evoked a tumult of memories buried deep inside her. She kept her breathing steady, rejuvenating her tired muscles.


The doors were open. She took small steps into the majestic hall, and relived the entire scenario from 4 years ago in that split second. She shook her head, to stop those thoughts from coming to her.


She looked around. No one.


The eeriness of the place was beginning to get to her. There was no sound. No sounds of servants toiling away. No sounds of a child playing. Nothing. It was like she had stepped into vacuum.


She hurried through the hall, not finding anyone to obstruct her. It looked like a house no one lived in.


Suddenly, she heard the sounds of soft laughter. She crept in that direction.


She stopped outside the room the sounds were coming from. It was his room.


She peeked in first, clearly they hadn’t noticed the intruder in their house yet. They weren’t in the room.


She took in the appearance of the room. The room that held so many memories from her past. Pleasant memories. It looked vividly different.


What struck her was the number of toys strewn around the room, and an exquisite dollhouse on the table where she had never previously seen anything other than his laptop and files.


She looked around to see if there were any in the room at all?


She couldn’t spot any.


“Dada, not fair!”


She heard Khu’s voice from the poolside. Khushi was immediately pulled out of her thoughts and her feet carried her to the poolside.


The site that met her eyes was a tranquil one, like a father daughter duo.


Arnav and Khu were playing with Lego, building tall buildings by the poolside. He was smiling, and heartily at that, like the time she had come to face with him with dough on her face.


Arnav’s eyes met with hers, and he stiffened in his position, cross-legged by the pool, with a, piece of Lego in his hand.


Khushi smiled at him, and went and sat beside Khu and put another piece of Lego from the mess and put it on the building to complete it.


Khu looked at her in bewilderment, got up immediately and went to hug her from behind.


“Aunty!” She exclaimed in joy as she bent to kiss Khushi on the cheek.


Khushi glanced at Arnav, but he immediately looked away and began fiddling, nervously, with some pieces of Lego.


Khushi pulled Khu from behind her into her lap.


“You know, you haven’t told me your name yet?” Khushi remarked.


“My name is Khushi.”


Khushi looked at the little girl perched in her lap, and then at Arnav who still continued to look away.


“Really? That’s my name too!”


Khu looked up at her innocently and asked her, “Why’s your name Khushi?”



Khushi was confused, “Erm, I don’t know, maybe my parents liked the name. How about you? Why’s your name Khushi?” Khushi asked her.


She thought hard, and then she said, “Maybe, Dada liked you.”


She turned to give her a smile and then ran away from there into the house.


Khushi looked at Arnav, who seemed to be watching Khu’s silhouette disappear into nothingness, as she run out of his room.




Arnav instantly turned to face Khushi. He had to face it. She was here. He hadn’t expected her like that, maybe he had. But, he wasn’t prepared for it. He had written that long letter, but he didn’t know how Khushi would react to it. He had to let all that out of his system, he had to tell Khushi all that. But, he hadn’t been able to do it in person, he had left her a letter.


“Hmm.” He murmured.

Arnav looked at her, surprised, as he heard her say what she said,


“Arnav, I’m not here to pass time. I need to meet Anjali.”