Better With You :: I

Part 1

Full-fledged preparations for Akash and Payal’s wedding were going on and Khushi was running late. She hurriedly got of the rickshaw and ran towards Raizada mansion, oh, there was so much work to be done.


‘Hai Devi Maiya, I don’t know what’s going to happen today.’ she muttered to herself. She had rung the bell twice now.


‘Seems like everyone is busy.’


Just then OP opened the door distractedly, he had a tray in his hand.


OP said, ‘Oh Khushiji, good you are here. There is so much to be done. Mamiji is calling me, could you please take this to Arnav bhaiya’s room?’.



Khushi could here Mami’s voice in the background, she didn’t want to do anything that would aggravate her, she was just beginning to say, ‘Yeah, sure. But could you..’ when OP left, leaving the tray in her hand.


‘Devi Maiya, I hope this Laad Governor doesn’t create more trouble today. I’m already so late. I have to go to Anjaliji also.’


As she entered his room, she felt the gust of the sudden breeze she always did when he was around. The sight before her was not what she had expected. Arnav was at the poolside, with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, talking on his beloved mobile, she was thankfully facing his backside.


Suddenly Arnav turned around, though he hadn’t noticed her yet, fully focussed on the conversation he was having. Khushi sort of lost a little balance because of the effect the sight had on her. She accidentally dropped the glass of juice. The sudden clang of the glass distracted Arnav from his call.


Khushi said to herself, ‘Oh this Laad Governor! He’ll give me a heart attack one day.’ As she saw Arnav’s eyes intently focussed on her, she immediately turned around. The truth was that she was mesmerized by what she had just seen, and not to mention, a little taken aback by those beautifully shaped abs.


With superhuman effort, she managed to control the look of utter amazement on her face as Arnav came around to look at the mess she had created.


He started off, ‘KHUSHI!’.


Khushi immediately turned away from him again, and kept his breakfast tray on the table. All the while looking away from him.


‘You please wear some clothes first. I can’t talk to you like this.’


Arnav realized the effect his presence had on her. He hadn’t noticed it before.


Arnav started walking towards her slowly, until there was no more place for Khushi to move behind. He pinned her against the wall. He brought his face closer to hers, so cose that he could feel the warmth of her breath on his face. He took in her sweet fragrance, oh, and the effect it had on him.


He whispered into her ear softly, ‘Khushi..’. And leaned in closer.


But Khushi ducked and ran out of the room.


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