Better With You :: II


Part 2


Anjali asked, ‘Payalji, does our Akash match up to your expectation of your Prince Charming?’ while winking at Khushi. The three of them were sitting in the hall waiting for the sari wala to come.


Payal shrugged her shoulders, pretending to not understand what Anjali meant by her question.


‘Oh come on! Every girl has in her mind her prince charming, always waiting for the perfect man to come by and just sweep her off her feet.’ added Anjali.


Payal’s face had turned pink. Khushi was all smiles as she waited for her Jiji to answer that question. She knew Akash was much more than what her Jiji must have imagined, she was so glad Payal would finally be happy. Akashji was such a nice man. Who was benevolent, caring and miraculously unlike his stupid brother.


Payal nodded and whispered a meek, ‘Yes.’ Too shy to add what she really felt about her to be husband.


Both Anjai and Khushi couldn’t help giggling as they looked at a visibly flustered Payal.


‘Oh! I’m so happy. Jiji has found her prince charming in Akashji.’ reveled Khushi as she went and sat beside Payal, putting an arm around her sister and pulling her into a hug.


‘So Khushiji, what would YOUR prince charming be like?’ Anjali asked Khushi inquisitively.


Khushi was on top of the world with happiness and the fact that someone had finally asked her the question she had always wanted to answer. She didn’t even care whom it was she was declaring it to. She stood up with a jerk, did a 360-degree, very dramatic twirl before she started.


Arnav who had just walked in to the house, talking on his mobile, did not notice the women until he heard Khushi announcing, ‘HE! He will be one in a million. He’ll love me for who I am. Who doesn’t care much about money, and knows how to enjoy life. AND! He HAS TO love jalebis, as much as me!’


Quickly reconsidering what she had just said, she changed the last pre-requisite, ‘Maybe, he doesn’t need to love jalebis as much as I do, no other person can love them so much.’


NK, who had just heard the word Jalebis, came in shouting, ‘Jalbeis! Oh I love Jalebis! Khushiji, did you make some jalebis?’


Anjali , and Payal both burst out laughing. Khushi was the one embarrassed this time!


‘No Nanhe ji, we were actually..’ she began explaining.


Khushi stopped herself from babbling anymore as she suddenly felt that gust of breeze she felt when he was around. Arnav couldn’t stand this nonsense any longer. Arnav muttered ‘Unbelievable’ before he walked up to them, stopping only to ask Anjali to send OP with some of his files to his room. Also, he couldn’t help himself from giving Khushi a thoroughly disgusted look.


Khushi scowled at him as he left for his room. Oh this Laad Governor! He had heard everything, she was sure of it!


‘Oh this Naanav!’ NK exclaimed as he too left as Mamiji had been calling out to him.

As Anjali brought back the file Chotte had asked for, she politely asked Khushi, ‘ Khushiji, can you give this to Chotte? I can’t find OP, and the sari wala just called, he’s reaching in a minute.’


Khushi reluctantly agreed. She did not want to make any unnecessary conversation with him.  And absolutely not after what had happened earlier that morning. She shuddered as she relived the events of that morning.


Khushi knocked the door a few times before she heard him say, ‘It’s open. Come in!’


Arnav was so engrossed in his files, he didn’t even realize, it wasn’t OP, but Khushi who had walked in to his room.


She kept the files on his desk quietly and was at the door when Arnav called out, ‘OP, can you give me a glass of water?’


Khushi didn’t want to talk to him, she just thought she’ll give him a glass of water and move out, and avoid him shouting.


As she brought the glass to him, and he brought the glass closer to his lips he again started, ‘OP..’. Then he heard the tinkling of her anklets.


He stood up immediately, ‘KHUSHI! What the hell are you doing here?’


‘Excuse me! I got your files! Anjalji sent me.’ she answered, a little taken aback by that unnecessary outburst, but that was so typical of the Laad Governor!


‘So is your discussion about your prince charming finally over?’


Ha! He HAD heard it! She was right!


‘What business is that of yours?’ she reiterated.


He chose to ignore her. ‘Seriously, Jalebis? That’s what you would want! Can you ever think beyond that?’




Arnav was moving onto her, forcing Khushi to move backwards, until she was pinned against the wall, just like the morning. This wasn’t a safe position. Khushi tried to wriggle out once again, but Arnav was careful this time. He placed his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, their noses touching. Their lips, mere millimeters apart.


‘Like, have this effect on you.’ he explained, as he brushed her cheeks with his fingers.Khushi feeling the tingling sensation, her skin burning. Arnav showed her arm to her, goose bumps all over.


‘So Khushi, is this more important, or jalebis?’ he asked her teasingly. She smiled at him coyly, and answered, ‘I think I’ll be able to live without jalbeis for this.’ as she leaned in to kiss him.



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3 thoughts on “Better With You :: II

  1. ArshiWorshipper December 19, 2012 at 3:40 PM Reply

    Wow that was a really good story!!! Please carry it on!!!

  2. henna September 6, 2012 at 10:25 PM Reply

    awesome I love it please next part 🙂

    • arnavki September 6, 2012 at 11:38 PM Reply

      Sorry, that was it for Better With You! However, you could read ‘The Proposal’ as a continuation 🙂
      Thank you for the comment 🙂

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