OS: Saying It Right

“I said I love you.” he repeated himself, while his palms were placed flat on the wall in his room, enclosing the recipient of the love he so proclaimed.


“Mmhhmm.” She nodded in agreement, assuring him, that he had in fact said that and she had heard him.  She placed her hands on his shoulders, slightly pushing him away, trying to get away.


The intoxicating effects…. His breath mingling with hers… His musky cologne… All making her feel lightheaded. His touch – erupting those tiny goose bumps all over. The tingling when his skin met with her’s. The fluttering butterflies, creating mayhem in her empty stomach.


“Khushi, I said I love you. You have no reply to that?”


“Ji… Woh…”


Struggling her way with words as she once again inhaled the scent of him. Trying to push him, now kneading his shoulders with her hands.


“What ‘ji’? And stop fidgeting.”


Khushi’s hands fell straight to her sides, as Arnav directed them away from his shoulders. She could just comply!




“What? It doesn’t matter to you?”, sounding as lightly annoyed as he felt.


“No, no.”, she said immediately. She knew he had been waiting to get this opportunity the entire day. The looks he had been giving her ever since they got back. Everyone in the house had just cornered their Arnav Bitua/Chotte since he had returned after ages. Her eyes had welled up when Di and Nani ji met him. All of it meant that they hadn’t got a minute alone since his return. But, she wasn’t too sad about it. At least he was back. And, she had feared this!


“What? So, it doesn’t, right?”, his words snapped her back into reality.


“No, no. It does!”, she replied.


“Then?” he demanded to know with his eyes. They were good at this, talking throught their eyes.




” ‘Hmm’ ? Is that how you respond to someone who tells you that they love you, Khushi.”


“woh….erm…… I… Arnav ji.”


“Khushi, first of all, drop the ‘ji’.” he ordered.


“What?”. This was getting too much for her now. Her jaw dropped.


“Don’t call me Arnav ji. Call me by my name, simply – Arnav.”


“Arnav..jjjj….” “There, stop right there.” “Ji?”


“Arnavji..” “No no, you did it wrong again. No ‘ji’ Khushi.”


“Arnav” “Stop.” “ji.” “No ji, Khushi. Let’s try once again.”




“Say it.”


“Arnav…….. Ji. I can’t do it.”


“Keep practicing, after all, practice makes a man, in your case, a woman perfect.”


She nodded in agreement. No speech was the best policy when one’s so flushed with emotions.


“That brings us back to my original question – what’s your response to my ‘I love you’?”


“Arnav ji… Woh…. I…”


He leaned in closer, literally breathing down her neck, leaving traces of tiny droplets of water. He whispered in her ear, “Do you not love me Khushi?”


She looked at him through the corners of her eyes, her breathing rate had fastened to levels she wouldn’t have thought possible.  She gasped a soft, almost scared no.


“No? You don’t love me?”


“No no. I do.”



Arnav finally stepped back so that there was some distance between them. He smiled to himself, as he had heard, well, half of it, what he wanted to hear. He knew. He knew the trick that would get Khushi to say exactly what he wanted to hear.


“Then I say you’re scared Khushi. And, you lie when you say you can do anything I do.”


“No. I can do anything. I even kissed you according to our bet. And I did it in front of everyone!” She retorted deftly, her cheeks flushing pink with color, as the memory off it came flashing back to her.


“Oh really? You remember that?” He leaned in closer once again, his breath wash over her cheek, leaving tiny droplets of moisture. With his hands around her waist, locking her in his arms, he whispered into her ear, “And, what will you do about this?”. He placed another kiss on her soft cheeks, much like he had.


Khushi’s eyes were big and open wide like saucers.


Arnav stepped away once again. Khushi grabbed fistfuls of her suit in nervousness as Arnav stood in front of her, observing her every move, waiting for some reaction. But she, she had gone numb.


“So now, I have done two things you can’t do. Nice.” Said Arnav smugly, crossing his arms across his chest. He turned around to walk away, already counting in his head – 1 – 2 –


There, he knew it, he didn’t even reach 3, when he heard Khushi’s voice.


“What do you think? I can very well do everything.” Before he knew it, Khushi was standing inches away from him leaning into his side, but as he turned to face her, his lips brushed against her open mouth as she aimed with it a kiss on his cheek.


But, as he felt Khushi step back, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. “Let us do it the proper way, shall we?”


Arnav claimed her mouth with his, without waiting for a verbal response from her. His tongue played around her pursed lips begging for entry, and she finally obliged, after a little reluctance. Mostly, apprehension.



Khushi wound her arms around his neck, and pulled him closer.



Her lips were pursed against his tongue. He coazxed them open, wooing his lady. She let him in. Their tongues met. They explored the contours of the other’s mouth. They danced around the others mouth, trying to get a much-awaited taste of the other person. They got the flavors of each other. She tasted sweet. And he, he tasted of mint.


Her hands progressed from being entwined around the nape of his neck, steadily upwards into his hair. And his, he wrapped them even more tightly around her waist, pulling her closer into him. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he did not like even the millimeters of clothing separating them.


Finally, Arnav broke the kiss as they came up for some air. “Khushi..” Khushi looked up at him, but then she put her hand in his hair again and pulled his face closer to her’s. “I love you Arnavji.”.


She didn’t have to find his mouth, Arnav, was quicker. He had heard the words his ears had been craving for. They still had to work on the ji, but one achievement for the day was more than good enough for him right now. But he broke away from the kiss for just about a millisecond, “Khushi, you always do what I do better than me.”


His lips met with her’s once again, but she didn’t kiss him before saying, “Well, that is something you should always remember then.”


Arnav’s hands trailed down her back, to her bottom, pulling her as close to him as possible. Khushi dug her hands into his hair more fiercely this time. He pulled her up to him again so that her legs were now wrapped around his waist. She did perfectly arch into his form. He carried her to their bed, without breaking the kiss. And he become suddenly  conscious that the king sized bed in their room hadn’t before been put to its best use yet.


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4 thoughts on “OS: Saying It Right

  1. Zoya S Raizada September 11, 2013 at 11:23 PM Reply

    Loved it! So cute!

  2. Krystal July 2, 2013 at 1:26 PM Reply

    Loved it

  3. alex November 14, 2012 at 12:38 AM Reply

    Made me smile 🙂

  4. Priyanka August 5, 2012 at 10:15 PM Reply

    Aww, I loved it! 🙂

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