Episodes :: When Arnav and Khushi were Excepting!

Arnav adjusted the pillow as Khushi lay on the bed in the very austere Doctor’s clinic. This would be their first appointment with the Gynecologist, where there was going to be an ultrasound. They would get the first glimpse of their baby, a beautiful creation of their love.


The doctor applied the gel on Khushi’s bare stomach, and through the various machines showed them what they had been desperately waiting for. For Khushi, even a million times over of how much she waited for Salman Khan’s movie would not be an approximate. And for Arnav, well, he matched up to Khushi’s level.


The doctor showed them something on the screen, and said, “The baby’s development is perfect for this stage.”


“There, you can see that mass of white? That’s it!” the doctor said, smilingly.


Khushi sat by the support of her elbows, and Arnav, while holding Khushi’s hand bent towards the screen to get closer look.


The two turned to look into each other’s eyes, speaking volumes in themselves. It was true then? They were having the baby? How? What? Fuck. Incredible. So many emotions.


The Doctor, as courtesy left the couple, to share the moment, in some privacy.





“Khushi, look, isn’t our baby beautiful.”


She uttered, “Mhhmm.”, as she bit her nails slightly.


“Can you believe that little dot, is going to be full grown up person one day. The little dot inside you.”


“Mhhhm.” She replied nervously, blinking away tears, that were weighing down her eyelashes.




“Yeah Khushi?” he asked, holding onto her hand, while rubbing her back, as he sat with her leaning against him on the bed, looking into the black screen, with skewed lines with utmost intensity.


“Arnav, I can’t find our baby.”


“What do you mean?”


“I can’t find our Baby Arnav!”




“I didn’t spot our baby when the doctor showed us. I can’t spot our baby still. I’m going to be a very bad mother!” She croaked, as she suddenly turned herself to Arnav, and buried her face in his chest. Her sobs grew louder and more frantic each second.


Arnav smiled as he tried to cajole his very worried, and very pregnant wife, He pulled her tightly into a tight hug. An arm wrapped around her, while constantly running along her back to soother her. The other hand was on her cheek, trying to wipe away the near perennial, uncontrollable stream of tears wetting the collars of his previously impeccable shirt.


“Shh Shh, Khushi. Relax.”


“How can I relax Arnav? I can’t frickin’ find our baby!” she cried into his shirt, while giving the screen before them a quick glance, hoping to spot the baby this time.



“Khushi” he took her hand in his, and pointed to something, that probably you and I would have missed too, a little patch of white, like a blob, shaped something like a cashew nut.


He didn’t look at the screen at that moment, but he turned to look at Khushi’s face, to not miss her reaction, that he knew would be etched in his heart forever. “That Khushi, is our baby.”


A stream of tears erupted once again, but these weren’t the frantic tears, they were tears of joy, of love, of the seed of motherhood that had been planted in her. She looked at the screen a long while, and said, though it’s unknown whether she was talking to herself, or her husband, “Our baby is beautiful.” She held on to Arnav’s hand tightly, and he pressed it harder, the gesture meant, yes, they were going to have a baby., they were going to be parents, this was the next step, there were no doubts, and they would handle it – giving their best shot at being parents.



2 thoughts on “Episodes :: When Arnav and Khushi were Excepting!

  1. anuja October 4, 2012 at 12:13 AM Reply

    hey is this inspiredd from friends? when rachel cant find the baby/

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