OS :: Just Go With It

Just Go With It

Arnav knocked on to the door the tenth time, grumbling under his breath.


“Khushi!” he muttered into the door.


“Just a minute.” Came in Anjali’s voice from inside the room.


Arnav paced up and down in front of his room, clenching his fists, looking at the watch every few seconds. This wasn’t a good idea. And he had known. He had protested too, but, it had been in vain. 


What was it with Di, pushing Khushi along with him any way? What would she do tagging long with him to a fashion show? That just wasn’t her kind of place! 


He heard the croak of the door open, and some light from inside the room wash over him. He glanced at his watch once again before turning around to face her. 


8.05 already. It was the success party for the AR Fashion’s latest show today. And their boss was going to be late. Hallelujah.


“Di! Where’s Khushi? I’m already so late. If she can’t..” Arnav started off on not seeing Khushi but Anjali, peering out of the door, as though checking for who was outside.


“Shh Chotte.” Anjali cut him off. 


“Khushiji is ready.”


“Then, what is taking her so long?” Arnav asked, with a sad attempt at pretending to care.


“Chotte…. She’s just a little scared. So, you have to promise me something before I send her out today.” Anjali said, in almost a fairy godmother kind of a voice, setting a condition, before granting Arnav his one wish. 


Arnav shrugged his shoulders and looked at his watch. He didn’t have time now. He would agree to jump off a cliff right now if that got him to his party faster.


“Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ll agree to anything you say.”


Anjali smiled to herself. This was going the way she wanted it. She pushed the door open, to give her brother the full view of his wife.


Anjali said, “Chotte, you must take care of Khushiji tonight.” And pushed Khushi forward so that she was standing next to her husband.


Arnav’s eyes fell on Khushi and his jaw dropped, he looked from Khushi to Di to Khushi to Di to.. Khushi in bafflement. This couldn’t possibly be real.


Arnav looked at her up and down, taking in her full profile from head to toe. He was awestruck to say the least. The girl who claimed to be immodestly dressed without a flimsy dupatta in a baby pink bandage dress!


And the dress did justice to her figure? Oh yes it did. Accentuating curves wherever necessary. Meant to please a man’s eye, to turn man into a fool, intoxicate him.


Anjali cleared her throat purposely. 


“Ahem! Chotte, aren’t you getting late for your fashion show– party?” asked Anjali mischievously, trying to catch her brother red handed, gaping at his own wife.


Arnav turned to Anjali, slightly disoriented, “What?”


“Chotte, office party.” Anjali reminded.


“Oh, yeah. I’m.. Err.. I mean, we are just leaving.” Arnav said, as he extended his hand to catch hold of Khushi’s, who was mercilessly tugging her dress, pulling it, so that it would miraculously elongate and cover her legs.


Those legs. Spidery slender legs. Did any of his models have legs like that? He didn’t know. He hadn’t noticed.


“Bye Di.” Arnav muttered, a little embarrassed.


“Take care of Khushiji, Chotte.” Anjali reminded him, before turning to keep a hand on Khushi’s arm, to reassure her, that she looked great, and there was no need to be nervous, to which Khushi responed with a soft nod, too scared to say anything.


Anjali smiled as she saw them turn around, with Arnav holding on to Khushi’s hands, until their silhouettes disappeared.




Arnav glimpsed at Khushi as they stepped out of Shantivan in synchrony. He noticed her looking down at the floor meticulously, while she tugged on to her dress constantly with her other free hand.


“Khushi, stop it. It’s fine. It won’t just get longer.”, he reprimanded.



Khushi hoped the floor would just split open, and take her in, like Sita had been taken in the Ramayana. But a faint blush settled on her cheeks as she noticed her husband had actually noticed. Hai Devi Maiyya!



She didn’t want to go to a stupid party anyway. 


Arnav squirmed her hand gently and said, “You look se.. nice Khushi.”

The blush took full form, and she could feel a certain hotness. And butterflies fluttering in her stomach.


He came to halt in front of the car. Khushi moved forward, as she kept charging forward with her eyes fixed on the ground, to only be thrust back into Arnav’s chest due to the strong grip he had of her hand.  

Arnav took in her sweet fruit fragrance as he felt her against him. She did perfectly arch into his body, he noticed.


Meanwhile, Khushi rid her hand of his grip, and put her other hand on his chest to push herself away from him. She nervously began pulling strands of her hair back, putting them behind her ear. She drew a fancy clutch from the tiny evening bag that Anjali had given her. She clipped her hair, and opened the door for herself, and climbed in to the car to sit in the passenger seat.


Arnav, slightly befuddled by what was happening, took to the drivers’ seat and pulled the car into ignition, going into reverse mode. But he didn’t hit the accelerator.


He leant over onto Khushi’s side to make her wear the seatbelt. Khushi flinched as she felt the soft fabric of his shirt rub against her bare thigh first, then her arms, his hair brush against her cheek, and his cologne… his musky cologne wash over her senses and her ability to think straight.


She breathed heavy tense breaths, hoping he’d get away from there… from hovering over her.. quick.


Just as she felt him move away, she felt his cheek against hers once again. He was closer now. His breath flushing her cheeks with moisture. 


“Arnavji..” she breathed.


Arnav brought a finger to her lips to tell her to be quiet.


Khushi bent forward slightly, as Arnav gestured her, by placing his cold hands on the upper bare side of her back. Now Khushi felt his sleeves against her back. Her cheek turned a beetroot red as she let herself think for a second about his hand on her back. Khushi shut her eyes, grabbing fistfuls of her Arnav’s jacket that hung over her loosely, as he was leaning over her, in anxiety.


She let go of it immediately, as she realised she wasn’t holding onto her dress, it was a little too well fitted for that, but Arnav’s jacket. She feared she was going to commit a great sin tonight. She secretly prayed to Devi

Maiyya to protect her, and help her pass the evening.


She could feel wetness at her brow, and the temperature inside the car rising.


Then she felt his fingers playing havoc at the nape of her neck.


And she heard a click.


She felt her hair fall loose upon her back.


Then Arnav drew from being so close to her and settled into his bucket seat.


Khushi looked at him questioningly, Arnav didn’t even look at her, but he replied, while looking into the rearview mirror, “It looks better, open.”


“Oh.” Khushi mumbled uncertainly, as if a big secret had been revealed to her.




Arnav pulled the car out of the driveway, while stealing glances of the woman who sat besides him. Was she so beautiful?


Khushi kept gazing out the window, well aware of her husbands’ penetrating gaze. The Party wasn’t far. She just hoped they

would get there quick, and then get back even faster. Just to be done with the entire ordeal.




Arnav couldn’t help admiring his beautiful wife sitting next to him, instead of the models walking down the ramp in AR Fashion’s latest collection.


He noticed how enchanting her smile was as she talked to the other guests at the after party, she was so charming. She looked much more at ease now. She looked comfortable in her dress now. And, oh, so darn sexy.


The music hit his ears, as the DJ shouted into the mike, “Now I request, Mr.Raizada to come on stage for the first dance, to kick start the party, with his beautiful wife, Mrs.Raiazda.”


Arnav smiled as the crowd around him cheered and jeered. But his smile was for Khushi, who was looking at him anxiously. It meant, don’t worry.


He extended an arm to her, which she caught hold of. He pulled her close to him, so that her back was arched into her chest. He wrapped an arm around her waist, and with his other hand he swayed her hair to the other side. He rested his head in the crook of her neck, his cheek in constant contact with the hotness of hers. He whispered into her ear, “Baby tonight, I’m loving you.”


She let out a soft gasp at that. What the? Yes, she said that in her head!


He reeled her out, and reeled her back in again. His front and her back. His head in the crook of her neck. He moved her hair giving him unhindered access to her back. His lips brushed against her skin, and he whispered in her ear, “It’s my favourite song.” He reeled her out again, but closed the distance again soon enough, not letting the distance between them last longer than a few seconds.


And then, he turned her, so that she was facing him, placed a hand on her bare back, pulled her to him with a thrust, entwined her fingers in his, and swayed to the beats.


There was something about him today. He hadn’t shouted when he got late because of her. He even complimented her!


Khushi smiled to herself coyly, and soon, buried her face in his chest, as other people joined in and danced around them. She didn’t feel too conscious anymore, her husband would always be there to protect her and she knew it.


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3 thoughts on “OS :: Just Go With It

  1. guturgutur November 29, 2012 at 6:28 PM Reply

    so sweet and so romantic… loved it!

  2. Priya August 7, 2012 at 7:02 PM Reply

    This was a sweet OS! I am looking forward to reading more on your blog 🙂

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