August 16 Written Update

Why am I doing this? I don’t know. Maybe be the one and only written update on my blog ever.

Part 1 : The episode begins with Arnav at the Gupta household contepmplating ringing the bell as it’s ‘too late to disturb Khushi’s family because he wants to meet Khushi.’ (How adorable) Then he dishes for his fancy phone in his pockets and dials her number, but we never hear the conversation. The scene shifts to Khushi standing by her window and (I think), thinking about and missing Arnav. Then she notice her phone ring and it’s none other than Arnavji!

A- Khushi, you look beautiful in white and open hair.

K- You’ve called me this late in the night to tell me this? (How unromantic K)

(Then K’s tubelight lights up)

K- Wait a minute, how do you??

A (not into the his phone but into Khushi ear directly, because he has entered her room from somewhere mysteriously)- I know everything about you.

Then K conveniently slips and falls into the arms of her gorgeous husband.

A- Khushi, I have something important to tell you.

He takes her hand in his and directs her to the bed. He seats her in front of him and recounts all the incidents right from the beginning.

1. When he locked her in a room in Sheesh Mahal and caused Payal’s marriage to break.

2. When he let her fall off the first floor in his office.

3. When he forced Khushi to marry her.

4. When he didn’t believe her the countless times she pled innocence and tried to tell him that there was nothing between her and Shyam.

K – Why are you telling me all this now? It’s ll in the past?

A- (he said something)

K- You don’t need to say anything, because I know you love me very much. (Aww moment followed by a hug)

Then Buaji teased Khushi about her nocturnal visitor.

Anjali and NK waited and didn’t sleep, against NK’s wishes to tease Arnav.


There was a Buaji-Garima scene where she was too tensed about meeting the grandmother and praying to her Devi Maiyya. Then, there was a Dadi-Nani scene where Dadi was a little too eager to meet Garima. (Obviously, something to do with the past)

Arnav overhears Dadi complaining about not having met Khushi’s mom yet, then how can they take shagun to their house tomorrow. Arnav walks in and says I’ll take you right away.

Khushi announces to Garima that Arnav and his Dadi are coming to meet her. She gets all jittery and nervous.


Dadi-Arnav scene:

D- You don’t know anything about the family. I don’t know Khushi at all.

A- I know Khushi and her family and that’s what’s important. (Read- It’s none of your business any way so butt out of it).

Anyway, she’s an orphan like me and Payal is aunty’s daughter with Shashi ji who she married long back. Khushi’s parents died in a car crash when she was small and her masa masi adopted her.

D- Are you sure that’s the whole story?

A- What story? That’s the truth!

Show ends on Dadi’s face, which is quite expressionless I tell you, but I think the emotion was — Hmmph!


Precap:: Arnav coming donw the stairs and the entire family planning to leave with the Shagun for Khushi’s house. Then somebody says, ‘Where are you going Arnav? The Dulha can’t go with the Shagun.’ (BTW, he’s looking gorgeous)

Scene shits to Garima and Buaji in the Gupta house and Garima looks constipated. But they’re preparing for the Raizada’s too. And Buaji says, something about Arnav’s Dadi being a tight ass and that they shouldn’t let anything go wrong.

EEks! I wonder till when Garima will stay in hiding. Till the pheras I think! 😛


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2 thoughts on “August 16 Written Update

  1. Palak August 16, 2012 at 9:37 PM Reply

    Thank you! It’s funny as well 🙂

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