The Proposal

The Proposal



Khushi sat on the bonnet of his car, parked at the Children’s Park of India Gate, swinging her legs with glee, waiting for him to bring that hot plate of jalebis. Hot jalebis in this cold winter were Khushi’s absolute favourite treat.



As she saw Arnav coming towards her slower than she would have liked, her mouth was already watering. She shouted out to him, ‘ARNAV! Come fast!’


Arnav just looked up to her and raised his eyebrows, ‘Here! Your Jalebis!’, and he put the plate of jalebis in her hands which had reached out to grab them even before he had reached.


‘Thank You!’ she exclaimed; as she bent down to give him a soft peck on his cheeks.


Arnav watched her enjoy her jalebis, he was looking at her anxiously, as though waiting for something.


Khushi twitched her eyebrows to ask him what was he worrying about.


He just murmured a soft, ‘Nothing.’, and shook his head to convince her.


‘Yeah! I’m sorry you can’t have these jalebis! But don’t sulk!’ she teased him while biting out of a huge jalebi.


Suddenly, the was a ‘Clunk!’ and Khushi was utterly confused to find something hard in her jalebi, which had just been melting in her mouth a minute back.


‘ARNAV!’ she was just beginning to complain to him, as she dug her fingers into the jalebi to take that thing out, she saw him bend down, on his knee, reaching out to take her hand in his.


That had been his cue. He had given the jalebi wala the ring and asked him to put it in the batter that he was going to use to make Khushi’s plate of jalebis.


They had been in a relationship for a while now, and Arnav had never managed to pull off any successful surprises, but this had to be it, and Jalebis were the way to go.


Khushi was completely taken aback to see Arnav Singh Raizada before her on one knee, she didn’t know what to do, she just stared at him, with her fingers dug in the jalebi, holding on to the ring tightly.


‘Khushi, ever since you walked into my life, everything changed. I cannot live without your daily antics. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love with you, but I can’t go through a day without you. So, Khushi, will you marry me?’ he asked her, with all the love in the world in his eyes.


Khushi had tears in her eyes. She could hardly believe the sight before her, she took the ring out from the jalebi, and managed to say a broken ‘Yes! Yes, I will marry you!’ through her sobs.


Arnav stood up to wipe her tears, with a grin that stretched from one ear to another, Khushi jumped on him and hugged him tighter than ever before. Arnav didn’t hold back either, he hugged her back tighter than she did, not caring about the 1000 people who had formed a circle around them and were cheering and hooting for the the happy couple!


He slowly opened each each of her fingers one by one and when he finally had the ring in his hand, he dropped down on one knee again, and slipped the ring onto her finger.


The crowd joined in the revelry as Arnav got up, lifted Khushi up in his arms, and kissed her.



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One thought on “The Proposal

  1. ArshiWorshipper December 19, 2012 at 3:44 PM Reply

    Awww that was soooo sweet!!! Is there any about their wedding??

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