OS :: Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After 

He looked up, the stars were smiling at him. It was beautiful. He knew, his parents were there too, looking at him, looking at them. They must be proud of him. No, they must be proud of her, their daughter in law.


He turned his head slightly to look at her sleeping form, on their enormous bed.


He gazed at the stars again.


He turned to look at the little cot next to their bed, and the tiniest human sleeping in it. He walked up to the cot, to admire the single most beautiful creation of God. His baby. Their baby. He stood and admired her, as she gurgled in blissful sleep.


She almost knew she was being intently watched by her father. She popped her tiny button like eyes open. Arnav immediately bent low to placate her, but knew, his daughter to be headstrong as him. Like father, like daughter! He took her in his arms and strode to the poolside to attempt to put her back to sleep.


Khushi had been so tired.


He took her stroller, and strapped her in. He rocked it back and forth, back and forth, his momentary lapses causing the child to whimper. That is how Khushi puts her to sleep.


With his arms crossed, resting on the stroller, he felt a pair of very warm, feminine arms wrap around his waist.


“What are you doing?”



He didn’t need to turn around, he moved one hand from the stroller, placed it over her’s and brought it to his mouth to kiss it. “Putting our daughter to sleep.”


Khushi raised her eyebrows at him. “She isn’t an easy one.”


“I know, she’s like her mother after all!”


She moved away from him, to in front of the stroller, to assess her husbands progress.


Arnav raised his eyebrows at her questioningly. “How did I do Mrs.Raizada?”


Khushi nodded her head and smiled at him, “You’ve not done too badly, Mr.Raizada.”


“She is asleep?” Arnav asked, almost appalled at his achievement. Somehow, this was more of an achievement, much more special than any of those multi million dollar deals for AR Fashion.


Khushi bent over the stroller, her breath washing over Arnav’s face. She closed the gap between them, and her soft lush lips touched his cheek to plant an affectionate peck. “Yes,” she whispered.


All was well. This was their happily ever after.


3 thoughts on “OS :: Happily Ever After

  1. farheen75 October 12, 2012 at 1:42 PM Reply

    Well what can I say it was just beautiful.

  2. prayasbanetta10 September 29, 2012 at 2:11 PM Reply

    You never fail to fascinate me with your work , Nazreen !
    Your stories (or an update for that matter) always have something or other that just stands out , strikes and then completely enamours the reader , this time it was the setting of the story , so serene & blissfully calm giving out this wonderful homely feel ,
    enough to put someone in a happy mood . I just felt like taking a happy snap (Kodak moment ….. ) .
    Overall , it was a really good and satisfying read . Thank you for writing this .

  3. nazibah September 16, 2012 at 4:15 PM Reply

    ohh what a heart warming OS!!! beautiful and simple!

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