Drabble: Finally!

I had written this sometime back, just found it. Thought I’d add something to it and make it longer, but just couldn’t. So here’s a little something for you 🙂



Stealing every glance of hers from the corner of his eye, every few minutes and he just couldn’t get enough of her. She walked like Aphrodite had descended down the stairs of heaven. Everyone had stopped to stare and watch her ascent down that flight of stairs in that striking red and black sari that he had picked for her no other woman could have done it enough justice.  But the moment that her heel had touched the ground there was a swarm of women surrounding his prized possession. All rituals done with – yes, she was finally his.


The wait had been long, but in the end, worth it. His Khushi was worth everything he had to go through to get her. How easily does one find true love in a lifetime, anyway?



One thought on “Drabble: Finally!

  1. prayasbanetta10 December 28, 2012 at 6:11 PM Reply

    BEAUTIFUL …………………………………

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